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Perfect in Pink

She loves the color pink , then she is sure to love this Pink Perfections bouquet. This radiant ..

IDR 984,267.75 Ex Tax: IDR 984,267.75

A Radiant Beauty

Twenty brilliant and elegant red roses, to create a romantic setting! Arrangement of 10 Red Roses..

IDR 798,826.00 Ex Tax: IDR 798,826.00

Beautiful 12 Red Roses

Pure romance, pure tradition, pure red roses. One dozen roses gift wrapped ." Send one dozen roses..

IDR 599,119.50 Ex Tax: IDR 599,119.50


Handpicked a dozen red roses filled with promises straight from heart . Beautifully wrapped with a m..

IDR 713,237.50 Ex Tax: IDR 713,237.50

Cuddle Me Up

Send Roses flowers and Gifts  flowers Online along with your message  from BANGLA GIFT S..

IDR 741,767.00 Ex Tax: IDR 741,767.00

Deluxe Pink Roses

Entice your chosen Valentine with these beautiful ten Pink roses . This variety has full blooms and ..

IDR 741,767.00 Ex Tax: IDR 741,767.00

Double Luck Bouquet

Orchids are considered by many to be lucky flowers. On Mother’s Day, send twice the luck to Mom ..

IDR 1,697,505.25 Ex Tax: IDR 1,697,505.25

Elegant Wishes

Elegant wishes sure to satisfy each and every wish… each of these hand-selected flowers -- roses, ..

IDR 1,226,768.50 Ex Tax: IDR 1,226,768.50

Florist Choice

When you want to send a gift that’s pure vibrant, a bouquet of brilliant colors of gerberas and se..

IDR 784,561.25 Ex Tax: IDR 784,561.25

For Abundance Love

A symbol of classic beauty! Arranged with fresh blooms of roses, this hand tied beautiful red ..

IDR 927,208.75 Ex Tax: IDR 927,208.75

Keep It Simple Silly (KISS)

This flower bouquet is a collection of luxurious 12 red roses with lots of fillers, Perfect w..

IDR 641,913.75 Ex Tax: IDR 641,913.75

Live To Love

Choose an exceptional way to spread the beauty of love. Make your dear one feel special with t..

IDR 1,397,945.50 Ex Tax: IDR 1,397,945.50

Love Bears All Hardships

Lovely red roses combined with a cute and cuddly teddy bear will be sure to create lasting Smiles! ..

IDR 741,767.00 Ex Tax: IDR 741,767.00

Luxury Rose Wine Basket

A pretty bouquet of red Roses, bottle of red wine along with a box of swiss chocolates beautiful..

IDR 1,925,741.25 Ex Tax: IDR 1,925,741.25

Mix Roses in a vase

This bright and colorful roses has been designed beautifully in an exciting way and put in a glass..

IDR 627,649.00 Ex Tax: IDR 627,649.00

My Choco Flower Medley

Steal someone's heart with the luxury of roses and sweetness of chocolates. Hamper includes Bunch ..

IDR 1,069,856.25 Ex Tax: IDR 1,069,856.25

Pink Devotion

Bring a smile to their face with twelve Long Stem Roses. Pink roses are often a symbol of elegance..

IDR 684,708.00 Ex Tax: IDR 684,708.00

Pink Orchid

Simply amazing pink phalaenopsis orchid in a ceramic pot is perfect for almost any occasion, selec..

IDR 1,212,361.10 Ex Tax: IDR 1,212,361.10

Raspberry Swirl

Beautiful stargazer lilies have that classic ability to say everything that’s in your heart. Our g..

IDR 1,355,151.25 Ex Tax: IDR 1,355,151.25

Ravishing Pink

Send your love with a classic bouquet. ten full pink roses are beautifully arranged in a simple gl..

IDR 827,355.50 Ex Tax: IDR 827,355.50

Red Hot Love Trio

With the dozen gorgeous special red rose, an adorable plush bear makes someone special smile. Gif..

IDR 1,426,475.00 Ex Tax: IDR 1,426,475.00

Red Wine & Rose Hamper

A pretty bouquet of red Roses, bottle of red wine along with a box of swiss chocolates beauti..

IDR 1,640,446.25 Ex Tax: IDR 1,640,446.25



IDR 713,237.50 Ex Tax: IDR 713,237.50

Summer Cooler

A bottle of Red Wine presented in a beautiful basket with gorgeous yellow Sunflowers. A sure way to ..

IDR 1,569,122.50 Ex Tax: IDR 1,569,122.50

Sunshine Blooms

Sunshine Blooms..

IDR 927,208.75 Ex Tax: IDR 927,208.75

Sunshine Wine Blooms New

Sunshine Wine Blooms

Sunshine Wine Blooms..

IDR 1,355,151.25 Ex Tax: IDR 1,355,151.25

Sweet Surprise

Send  flowers toSylhet and Chittagong and  fill your loved ones day with sunshine ! Thes..

IDR 884,414.50 Ex Tax: IDR 884,414.50

Valentine Love

Nothing beats a box of red roses with chocolates .  "Be mine" and "I love you" all packed in a ..

IDR 1,369,416.00 Ex Tax: IDR 1,369,416.00

Valentine Red Roses

What you cannot say, Flowers say it all . The simplest and best way to say "I love you" is via flo..

IDR 970,003.00 Ex Tax: IDR 970,003.00


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